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Being a proud owner of a swimming pool during the dog days of the fiery AZ summer can be quite a luxury. Having the ability to escape the heat and possible stresses of the world in your own backyard is spectacular. On the other hand, not very many people have the time or energy to keep up with the maintenance of a swimming pool or their backyard. Thankfully, if maintaining your pool doesn’t quite fit anywhere in your busy schedule, there are pool service professionals who are willing and able to keep your pool clean. Imagine a certified pool professional, background checked in all, working on keeping your pool in it’s best condition possible!

Water Testing Kit

To ensure your swimming pool maintains it’s ultimate performance level, a swimming pool professional that knows what he/her is doing is the best way to keep your pool in great shape! Did you know that finding the right pool professional isn’t as hard as it seems? Plus, once you find your perfect fit, think of all the valuable time and money you can save in the future!

Pool Chemicals

It is fairly easy to go out and buy pool chemicals from the big box stores, but do you really know what the exact contents are of those chemicals and how effective they might actually be? Many of those pool chemicals consist of chemicals that your pool may not actually need and possible fillers to keep the price low. Yet, some of these fillers can actually affect your pool and it’s water adversely and ultimately ends up ruining your pool finish. Pool professionals actually use and have access to professional swimming pool chemicals. Plus, they are a lot more knowledgeable about what your pool needs and when it needs it. The professional chemicals lack those extra fillers and only contain effective ingredients like sanitizers, algae preventers, and water clarifiers. Using the best pool chemicals that are available can help keep your pool water sanitized, a better blue color, and in tip top shape for fun in the sun! Also, keep in mind that storing pool chemicals can be extremely bothersome. How often have you purchased swimming pool chemicals at the end of the summer season and then stored them until spring? Once used again, did the chemicals do their job and clean your pool water? Most likely they didn’t. Failing to properly store and using expired pool chemicals can be quite expensive and have the possibility to ruin your swimming pool. Pool professionals are very responsible and should always use chemicals that are fresh and the best quality. This ensures a job well done whenever chemicals are needed. The proper balance of pool chemicals will maintain the health of your pool water and effectively keep your pool maintained.


Swimming pool cleaning professionals have a lot more responsibility than just adding chemicals to your swimming pool. They also perform inspections of the swimming pool’s structural integrity and it’s parts. This process is extremely important for catching a defective part early, the longer something like that goes unnoticed, the more costly it will be in the long run. An imbalance of your pool’s water chemistry has the ability to affect more than just the pool water. The pool’s interior finish can begin to leach and become discolored. This tends to be very unattractive. A pool professional can perform a Leak Detection Test to see if there are any problems with the pool’s structural integrity. Having an inspection can help diagnose any underlying problems you might not be able to recognize or see. In addition, diagnosing early can help save valuable money. Trained swimming pool professionals will properly inspect and can detect a need for repair with the following:

  • Resurfacing
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Filter and Pump Repairs
  • Valve Repairs
  • Heater and Motor Repairs
  • Plumbing Repairs


On average, your pool should be tested 2-3 times per week to properly maintain its pool chemistry. A swimming pool professional should check and balance the pool chemicals and shocking the pool, if they find it necessary. Cleaning the pool deck and area, maintaining the cleanliness of the skimmer baskets, brushing all pool surface, surface skimming and the removal of bottom debris should be part of a weekly pool maintenance plan. It’s important to keep debris out of the pool as it helps keep the pool sanitized. If your pool filter is in need of a backwashing, a swimming pool professional can properly service the filter.

Pool Professional

When opening your pool up for spring or de-winterizing it for the cooler season, you should enlist the help of a pool professional to ensure it’s done the correct and proper way. During a regular pool opening, a pool professional has several duties that include: removing and folding the pool cover, reassembling the filter tank and pool pump, cleaning ladders and rails, start and check the health of the filter system, write a chemical analysis of the pool water, and add an initial shock treatment to the pool. During the closing of a pool, a pool professional also has list of duties: remove all ladders, handrails and stairs (if applicable), winterize the pool pump, filter and heater, winterize lines, add chemicals and replace the pool cover and securely fashion it. Hiring a professional to do the opening of closing of your pool for the seasons will save you a great deal of valuable time and money. Remember, that you have the opportunity to watch and ask questions while the pool professional is servicing your pool. They can show you how to test the pool water chemistry with test strips and what to look for around your pool equipment and especially your pool filter.

Upgrade of Pool Equipment

Having the right pool equipment, specific to your needs, must be properly installed to ensure an efficient pool experience. One of the newer trends for pools are energy efficient products. Some parts that are taking part in this trend are pumps and solar covers. Studies have shown that these energy efficient products reduce costs and help with water conservation. When a pool pump is working efficiently, it consumes less power and water. Some states in the U.S. offer tax incentives and possible rebates for pool owners that purchase energy efficient products for their pool. Today more than ever, everyone is becoming busier and schedules are becoming over capacitated. If you are a swimming pool owner, and are sacrificing more than just maintaining your swimming pool water, it might be time to hire help. Plus, you might be damaging the structural integrity of your pool without even being aware of it. A swimming pool professional is a great addition to any household, and provides a variable of schedules whether it is bi-weekly, bi-monthly, weekly or monthly. Let a swimming pool professional maintain your pool for you, which can help save money, time and a hassle. Take that extra time and enjoy your swimming pool rather than always having to clean it.