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Remodeling Services

Let Arizona Pool Remodeling and Service remodel or update your pool, we do both big and small pool jobs!

Whether you have a modest sized budget for updating your pool or are looking to pull out all of the stops when it comes to remodeling your pool into a water park oasis, Arizona Pool Remodeling and Service can do it all. You can be rest assured that our staff will truly listen to your needs and provide a design that works within your budget. We provide you with updates throughout the whole remodeling process and promise to do the highest quality job as quickly as we possibly can.

Below are the remodeling services offered.

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Replaster Existing Pool Surface

Replaster your existing pool surface with 3m quartz, pebble, plaster and many other finish options. The sky's the limit!

We offer pool remodeling and pool renovation to existing pool owners. Pool remodeling includes adding new features and updating the overall look. The transformation can change the entire feel of your backyard. Pools that look great get used more often, maximizing your investment.

Resurfacing pools is a major part of our pool business. It’s one of the things we know best. We enjoy explaining the different surfaces to our customers so they can select what is right for them in the way of pool services.

There are actually many interior pool surfaces used throughout the world. The two most common, and the two we recommend you consider, are “plaster” and “pebble”.

Update Plumbing and Pool Equipment

Some pool plumbing can take confusion to new heights. If your pool was built before the mid eighties, or you are looking to break ground on a new pool, contact the experts at Arizona Pool Remodeling & Service today!

We repair/replace gaskets, seals, impellers, and electrical. All types of pool equipment repairs. We can also install new equipment as needed or if the owner would like to upgrade to a more efficient model of pool pump or pool motor.

The plumbing involved in your pool and/or spa system is a key element in maintaining optimal operation. The degree of water flow in an out of the equipment such as the heater, filter pump, filter and booster pump is highly dependent on proper plumbing. If the pipes are too small and have a lot of bends or turns, the water flow is decreased, reducing flow to the equipment. By updating plumbing to ensure the best possible water flow, the equipment is able to run more efficiently, saving energy and money.

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Install New Water Line Tile

Have us install new water line tiles and have your swimming pool or spa maintain it's clean and brand new appearance. Keep in mind, the tiles in your pool are what catches the eye's attention first!

The waterline tile of a swimming pool or spa accents the surface of the water. Nothing says fresh and clean like brand new tile in your pool. Maintain a new look and feel by having new ceramic waterline tiles installed. For plaster pools, it’s important to look for the support of a contractor to install the tiles and a waterproof grout.

Similar to many swimming pool and spa maintenance projects, the job starts by taking measurements and gathering the necessary materials and supplies for the job ahead.

Upgrade Deck Coatings & Surfaces

Refresh the look and feel of your whole outdoor area with a new deck coating or surface. If you have an idea, we can make it come to life!

The summers are almost unbearable without the help of a swimming pool, and Arizonans are known for having more pool parties than we can count! Whether your swimming pool is well-maintained or it’s wear is starting to show after a few years,  get it summer ready with a new deck coating or surface. With our endless options for coatings and surface options, let’s get ready to renovate! A standard concrete pool deck can end up looking worn and shabby over time, it’s time to give your pool a good first impression.

When it comes to being leaders of the industry, Arizona Pool Remodeling and Service and our team of trained installers and remodelers exemplifies the status more than any other concrete coating and repair company today. We consider ourselves a leading expert in decorative pool deck coatings and surfaces. We are able to help you repair, decorate and improve your  overall existing pool surfaces.

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Install Decorative Pool Features

Pull out all of the stops when designing or remodeling your pool or spa. Let's wow your company with waterfalls or refined stone veneers.

Are you a homeowner that loves to wow your company? Or an architect looking to design a high end resort or hotel? Arizona Pool and Remodeling Service can provide multiple unique features that will bring the attention you desire to your property and manufacture a design that’s distinct only to you.

The products we provide are unique and have the ability to enhance the look and feel of any pool remodeling job imaginable. Let’s make your property one-of-a-kind, setting your swimming pool or spa apart from the rest, or possibly your competition.

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Install Decorative Backyard Items

Turn your backyard into a place of relaxation and entertainment with decorative items. Enjoy or impress your company with a barbecue or fire pit.

Being outdoors is all about enjoying yourself, that’s why we believe decorative backyard items are a must. Whether you are looking to add seating or benches, or quite possibly dazzle your visitors with a barbecue are or fire pit. We are here to help!

Enlist our services to create a backyard that you can be proud of. Bring any of your ideas or requests to us and we will do everything we can to supply and install you with the right decorative backyard items. Not only do we pay extreme attention to detail, we enjoy crafting ideas and helping you create the perfect design that suites you and your lifestyle.

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We're Looking Forward to Working with You

When your project is finally complete, Arizona Pool Remodeling and Service can take the hassle out of the upkeep by providing regular pool service at a reasonable price. We promise to take your pool to the next level not only with design, but also with re-occurring service!

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