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There are many pool builders to choose from. You will hear many of them speak of “integrity” and “quality”.

But unlike buying a new car, you cannot see, touch or test drive your pool until you have spent your money and committed to someone to build your pool. And once you let someone start building your pool, no matter what difficulties you encounter, it is difficult to stop the problems and start over again.

We believe we offer a different and better experience. The first step is talking to us. We are your resource. We have tried and true knowledge and experience in swimming pool construction. It is incumbent on us to share our knowledge and experience to help you achieve the best possible pool design to meet your dreams and needs, and to ensure you can choose the best pool builder for your new backyard pool.

These guys are amazing.

These guys are amazing. We just moved to Scottsdale from Denver. The house we moved into had a pool that was a disaster. It was so green, we weren't sure if we should put in fish and lily pads or call a pool company! Apparently there was a company that took care of the pool but it obviously wasn't working. AZ Pool Service took over the account after we had been here for a week struggling to get the pool fixed. Alan the owner and all of his guys were amazing. We were obviously frustrated with the situation of the pool and they handled everything professionally and quickly. They were incredibly knowledgeable about every facet of pool care. They went through all the equipment and fixed pumps, fans, and I don't know what else. Within less then two weeks we went from pond to a pool that was sparkling clean. We can't recommend these guys highly enough!

— Kimberly G.

They did a great job!

They did a great job! Most affordable company. From start to finish it took 1 week for the guys to complete re-plastering and some plumbing stuff. Nice and honest company! Highly recommend them.

— April L.

I would highly recommend this company.

If you need an honest, reliable pool company to take care of your weekly pool needs or just a one time update to your pool or patio I would highly recommend this company. My husband and I have used them for years and never had a problem. They are trustworthy and offer reasonable, competitive rates. The gentlemen who comes to our home weekly is extremely friendly and does a great job. If I am not at home, he is always careful not to let my three dogs get out the gate and he always secures the gate before he leaves. I have seen a pool that they updated and a remodeled patio with a BBQ pit; both were very impressive. I would feel confident telling anyone I know that their best choice in pool companies is Arizona Pool Remodeling and Service.

— Joan D.

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