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Labor Day has long been the unofficial summer send-off, and it’s also a day when family and friends gather together to grill one last time, kick back with a few cold ones and, quite possibly, leave a little more than you may have bargained for behind in your pool.

Chemical Balance Busters

Sunblock, body lotion, oils and (eek!) urine all have the potential to wreak havoc on your pool’s chemistry, which in turn has negative effects on your health and can also cause expensive-to-repair damage. Thus, while you should by all means throw that end-of-summer soiree and enjoy those seemingly endless rounds of Marco Polo, make sure to restore balance afterward to keep pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness levels in check and keep your pool from suffering damage due to scaling or corrosion.

Why Chemical Balance Is Critical

If your pool chemicals become imbalanced following heavy usage, you may feel the effects if you open your eyes underwater or develop irritated skin after getting in the water. A chemical imbalance can also make your pool a breeding ground for germs and bacteria or cause unintended chemical reactions that eat away at your pool’s liner, pumps, ladders and other components.

Checking + Restoring the Balance

After your pool has experienced heavy usage, skim it and vacuum it out, and then check the chemical balance using test strips to determine the severity of any problems that may exist. Next, check to make sure the pool has proper chlorine and sanitizer levels, and adjust them as necessary so they can do as designed and rid your pool of unwanted who-knows-what left behind from a summer in the sun.

By keeping your pool chemically balanced – particularly after periods of heavy use – you can extend its lifespan, keep it comfortable and enjoyable for use and make sure it stays safe for today and tomorrow’s swimmers.