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It’s officially pool season in Arizona, and while there’s arguably no better spot to spend a sweltering summer day, there is also no way you can be too careful when it comes to ensuring safety around the water. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 3,536 unintentional fatal drowning occur in the United States each year, and the vast majority of these are preventable.

From restricting access to your pool area and equipping it with the right safety equipment to teaching your children the basics of swimming as soon as possible, here’s a look at how you can stay safe around the pool this summer.

How to Make Your Pool Area as Safe as Possible This Summer

Among the most important aspects of pool and water safety is limiting access for kids and non-swimmers. At Arizona Pool Remodeling, we recommend the following:

• Install a fence with self-closing features around the pool or spa area (a 4” fence or higher is ideal)
• Utilize pool and spa covers (ideally, lockable ones) and make sure they stay intact to ensure functionality
• Invest in a pool or gate alarm that will notify you audibly in the event that someone unintentional accesses the pool or spa area, and consider also investing in an underwater alarm
• Ensure that all drain covers are compliant with industry recommendations

Once your pool area is properly secured, it’s time to teach the kids the basics of pool safety.

Common Sense and the Swimming Pool: An Overview

Teaching your kids to swim is essential, particularly here in Arizona, where there is a disproportionately high number of pools and pool owners. In addition to teaching them how to swim, however, be sure to do the following:

• Always be present when kids are in the water, regardless of their swimming abilities
• Undergo CPR and basic life-saving training before anyone uses your pool
• Teach your kids and any others who use your pool to avoid drains and other pool components that could potentially trap a limb
• Keep your phone at arms’ length when in the pool area in case of an emergency
• Always check the pool first if you are unable to locate a child

While this may seem like a lot of information to absorb, most of it really does come down to common sense. By taking every possible precaution when it comes to using the pool or spa, you’ll not only minimize your chances of your kids becoming another statistic, but you’ll also enhance the overall experience and enjoyment that comes with owning a pool. For more on pool and spa safety, visit or call 623.878.1400.